Please select the available dates required and complete your booking online. Please note that all bookings are not necessarily shown on this calendar at all times as we do have casual guests arriving all the time. To avoid disappointment it is recommended that all bookings are essential during the busy holiday periods.

Should you have any problems or queries with this online booking system please just contact us through our "Contact Us" section and we can help you directly through email. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information or call on 027 4794094

Please note that credit card bookings may attract a surcharge of 4% however we do accept bank transfers from NZ bank accounts.

RV parking at the homestead is for self contained vehicles only in our beautiful garden. Caravan towing vehicles using the River Park recommended to be AWD or 4WD. RV's are fine to use the track to the river area through the farm in dry conditions. Contact us if in doubt.

Note that we are closed during the winter season. This calendar will advise this period.